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4-In-1 Bottle Opener Keyholder

This practical and compact 3-in-1 tool keyholder includes a mini tape measure with LED light and a bottle opener. 7.8

Bottle Opener Keyholder

Allow your brand to be noticed the next time you pop open that bottle cap with this cool and funky

Bottle Opener Keyholder With Charging Cable

This useful Keyholder incorporates a Micro USB, Lightning and Type-C connector, so you can conveniently charge your devices on the

Carbon Keyholder

4 ( l ) x 2 ( w ) x 0.7 ( h ) zinc alloy

Instrumental Keyholder

Size 6.4 ( l ) x 1.2 ( w ) x 1.8 ( h ) Material ABS and carbon steel

Leatherman Keyholder

Size 4.5 ( l ) x 3 ( w ) x 0.6 ( h ) stainless steel

Led Keyholder

Twist action torch keyholder, features LED light Batteries included Variety of colours available Product Dimension: 6.5cm (l) x 1.4cm diameter

Multi-tool keyholder

stainless steel with anodised finish 5.5 ( l ) x 3.3 ( w ) x 0.7 ( h ) INCLUDES:

Stylus Keyholder

Keep safe and avoid touching frequently used surfaces like lift buttons, ATM’s and card machines with our useful Push Stylus

Tape Measure Keyholder

1 metre measuring tape Product Dimension: 3.5cm x 3.5cm

Tech-Touch Keyholder

This handy 3-in-1 keyholder allows you to avoid contact with frequently used surfaces such as lift buttons, ATM’s and card